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How To Watch Netflix USA Outside USA

Well, you have heard so much about Netflix, the largest video streaming company in the world. And yesterday, they announced the launch of Netflix in a few more countries including Malaysia. However, it can be expected that some contents in Netflix USA may not be available in Netflix Malaysia. Then there’s the question of censorship; again it can be expected that certain contents in Netflix Malaysia may be censored.

So before you subscribe to Netflix Malaysia, you may want to know how to subscribe to Netflix USA instead.  Read on…..

To register with  or subscribe to Netflix USA, you need to access it from USA. Or if not, you need to fool the Netflix USA server into thinking that you are accessing from USA. To do that, you use a VPN (virtual private network). You install the VPN software on your device (PC, notebook, iPad, smart phone) and connect with a server in USA that is part of this VPN. From there, your data traffic to any other server/website will appear to have originated from the VPN server in USA. That way, Netflix USA will accept your registration/subscription. (Rates about the same as Netflix Malaysia).

A very good VPN is the PureVPN, shown in the image above. Click on the image to go buy the VPN. There’s a New Year offer currently on…. a 2-year subscription is only USD2.08 / mth. It comes with free SmartDNS as well.

In addition, because you are running the VPN software on your device, you can access the Store (Playstore, Apple Store) to download the USA Netflix App.

Now that you able to access the Netflix USA movies/TV shows, you quickly lose the thrill if you have to continually watch shows on the small screen of your device. Why not stream it to your large screen TV? You can do that easily by using the Google Chromecast, a media-streaming device whose shape/size is like a retro thumb-drive. It fits into a HDMI port on your TV and it acts like a transceiver to receive your Netflix video streams and displays on the TV.

You can get the Google Chromecast now through the Lazada store ( see the advertisement on the top-left of this page). The price varies from RM170 to RM140 depending on the current promotion. Just click on the advertisement to access Lazada to buy the Chromecast.

That’s it! Enjoy!

Updated: 28-Jan-2016

I found that my Chromecast was unable to cast all movies and many TV shows from Netflix. In spite of trying all the fixes documented in the Internet ( update Chromecast, use VPN, use SmartDNS…) it remained problematic. That forced me to try the Roku Stick instead. Luckily a close friend has both the Roku box and stick and he loaned me his Roku Stick. I removed my Chromecast and stuck the Roku Stick in its place ( on an input  HDMI port of my AV Receiver ) and almost instantly, the Roku logo displayed on my TV and after a while the homepage with the Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go (and many others) options appeared. All the movies and all the TV shows that previously could not be cast by Chromecast magically work now.

Note: my ASUS router came with a link to SmartDNSProxy.com and I registered for a 14-day free trial. It works very well. My account homepage displays on the same page:
Account activation
DNS Setup
IP Activation
Region Summary

The IP Activation is very useful in that each time I log back into my ISP, the dynamic IP address changes. By clicking the IP Activation, it whitelists whatever is the IP at the moment.
So in one page, I can re-establish my SmartDNS setup and then my devices are all now “USA” devices.

-end of update-