Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme

Dr. (H) Joean Oon gave a talk on Garbage Enzyme at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association on 24-July-2008, 8.00pm, to an attentive audience. Half of the audience, including  me,  were there to learn about the benefits of Garbage Enzyme , not knowing that by the end of the talk, this gutsy lady would have “recruited” us in her Mission to Save Mother Earth by using Garbage Enzyme to reduce Global Warming and at the same time help to heal the environment in many other ways.

 Garbage Enzyme is developed by Dr. Rosukon of Thailand, who was the teacher of Dr. Joean Oon. Together, they passionately encourage people to make garbage enzyme at home by using fresh kitchen waste (fruits and vegetables dregs), brown sugar (or jaggery or molasses) and water mixed together in an airtight container and left to ferment for up to 3 months before use.

The catalysis process during the production of the garbage enzyme will generate ozone gas O3, which reduces CO2 in the atmosphere and heavy metal in clouds that trap heat, thereby reducing the greenhouse global warming effect. At the same time, NO3 and CO3 are also formed which will enhance the fertility of the soil and are natural hormone and nutrients for plants.

Some of the benefits and uses  (extracted from are:

  • Save Money: turns kitchen waste to DIY natural household cleaners.
  • Multiple Uses: natural household cleaner, air purifier, deodoriser, insecticide, detergent, body care, car care, organic fertiliser, etc.
  • Reduce Pollution: Disposed garbage release methane gas that can trap heat 21x more than CO2.
  • Purify Air, Increase Oxygen Level: removes odour, clears toxic air due to smoking, car exhaust,  chemical residues of household products, etc..
  • Natural Pesticides: reduces mosquitoes, flies, rats, cockcroaches, etc.
  • Anti-bacterial and Anti-virus: natural antiseptic for homes.
  • Prevents Drainpipe Blockage: releases residues accumulated in pipes, basins, toilet bowls.

You may have conflicting views on Global Warming, but the fact is that we have to get rid of our kitchen waste in any case, and if this simple disposal technique gives so many uses and benefits, that’s already a compelling reason to do it. Along the way, if we do indeed help heal Mother Earth, that would be a real bonus. Of course, Dr Joean Oon’s perspective is the other way around; save Mother Earth and the bonus is in all these  useful  and beneficial applications of the  garbage enzyme.  She  made a  believer  out of  me.

You can join this worthy cause and hear Dr (H) Joean Oon speak on 9-August-2008, at Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil, 1-4pm. Ticket: RM5 (redeemable for purchase) available at JUSTLIFE (

Profile of Dr (H) Joean Oon, MDMA, DNM, BHMS:

Dr Joean Oon worked at Naturopathic Family Care Centre since 2002.She has six years of experience with cancer patients, leading them to recover through natural therapy. She has served thousands of patients (cancer and other chronic diseases).

In 2006, she began to study enzyme and other naturopathy therapy from Dr. Rosukon of Thailand. She is now an active speaker on Earth Saving Through Garbage Enzyme. Her marathon seminars have reached out to many countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India and Indonesia.

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