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Saving Mother Earth Through Garbage Enzyme

Dr. (H) Joean Oon gave a talk on Garbage Enzyme at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association on 24-July-2008, 8.00pm, to an attentive audience. Half of the audience, including  me,  were there to learn about the benefits of Garbage Enzyme , not knowing that by the end of the talk, this gutsy lady would have “recruited” us in her Mission to Save Mother Earth by using Garbage Enzyme to reduce Global Warming and at the same time help to heal the environment in many other ways.

 Garbage Enzyme is developed by Dr. Rosukon of Thailand, who was the teacher of Dr. Joean Oon. Together, they passionately encourage people to make garbage enzyme at home by using fresh kitchen waste (fruits and vegetables dregs), brown sugar (or jaggery or molasses) and water mixed together in an airtight container and left to ferment for up to 3 months before use.

The catalysis process during the production of the garbage enzyme will generate ozone gas O3, which reduces CO2 in the atmosphere and heavy metal in clouds that trap heat, thereby reducing the greenhouse global warming effect. At the same time, NO3 and CO3 are also formed which will enhance the fertility of the soil and are natural hormone and nutrients for plants.

Some of the benefits and uses  (extracted from are:

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Remove the visible edge around a transparent box

You create a nice logo using a fancy font (eg. Papyrus) on a rectangular banner box, say 960p x 105p.

You save as a JPEG and open in Photoshop, mode RGB.

Then like a maestro that you are, you use the magic wand, lasso or magic eraser to make the background transparent, with only the text as your new logo. Simple enough, right?

Then you save as transparent GIF or PNG and upload to your WordPress website, and …. you don’t get what you expected. Or rather, you get more than what you want: the rectangle edge is clearly visible.

Before you spend hours reviewing what you may have done wrong in the transparency procedure….check your Theme’s CSS! It’s likely that the Theme designer has added a border to images by default.

You know how to add a customised CSS to your Child Theme to remove the border, right?

Another simple tip that may save your hair.

What Promo? What a Shame! (3)

There’s this prestigious charge card company that has an on-going sales promo with a shopping complex whereby you could redeem some gifts when your total purchases charged to the card reach or exceed a certain amount. Well, I am always a sucker for sales promo (otherwise how do you think I have all these stories?) and I promptly set out to ensure that all my purchases at that shopping complex would be charged to that card, together with my wife, the supplementary card holder.

So imagine my chagrin, when I am told by the Card Staff that we cannot combine our purchases as the card numbers are different. Hey, why not, after all the supplementary charges all appear on my single monthly statement and I pay all the bills.

I cannot help but think that the Marketeer’s intention is to encourage more purchases on the charge card and in that case, it would not matter whether the purchase are on the main card or the supplementary card. It is just a case of someone not paying attention to the DETAILS when designing the sales promo.

Don’t laugh….it could happen to YOUR sales promo, if no-one thinks through the details of the execution.

Care to share a similar experience? Tell us about it!

Urena Lobata for Chronic Renal Failure


My mum-in-law passed away on May 8, 2010, at 90, because of old age; not because of her kidney. She had a good and healthy life for the 22 years since the doctors gave up on her. We sincerely hope this may help others in the same predicament.

My mother-in-law had chronic renal failure of both kidneys back in 1988. She was 68 then and she’s still alive and perky today at 89 (April 2009).

One kidney was declared completely failed and the other had only 25% functionality left.

She was put on various antibiotics which gave her bad reactions and she also had bed sores due to the prolonged periods she spent in bed.

After a prolonged stay at the hospital, came the ominous pronouncement, “She has only 3-months left; take her home, make her comfortable and give her whatever she wants.” (or words to that effect).

Well, in a no-choice situation, an unexpected “choice” appeared in the form of a Chinese man (Mr Ong of Nibong Tebal; sadhu! sadhu! sadhu!) who heard of my mum-in-law’s plight from my brother-in-law. He introduced us to a wild shrub (Urena Lobata or Congo Jute or Pulut-Pulut) which was used to make a soup/tea for my mum-in-law to drink. That’s the miracle and the reason that she is still alive and well today, we believe. 

The recipe calls for

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Forced Ranking…is it fair?

As a Manager, at some point in your career, you will be asked to force-rank your staff during annual appraisals.

No, you are told, you cannot have all ranked as “Very Good”…. you must force-rank them to have the whole company fall into some sort of bell-curve.

What’s wrong with that picture? Well, let’s answer that by first stating what’s right… yes, generally in a large enough population, people tend to fall into a bell-curve distribution. So what’s wrong with forced-ranking, where a Manager is told that he has to decide who among his team should be rated “Excellent”, “Very Good”, “Good”, “Unsatisfactory”? Simple answer: first, you must fulfill the condition, “…in a large enough population”. Too often, the instruction, “Get them into a bell-curve” is given without considering that pre-condition.

In a small group of people, you may get anomalies whereby “too many” are rated in one or the other extemeties. Or where all are rated “too average”. OK, in that case, why shouldn’t you then force-rank them? You have to decide who among them is the “better” or the “worser” one. Yes, no problem…let’s force-rank them. Until you realise you have done your Team members a great disservice. Your company, or department or unit is one of many within the Parent organisation. When you forced-rank your limited size unit, your “Good” men are now clustered together with all the other “Good” men from other units. Hey, but that’s not right you say. You know for a fact that your “Good” man is much better than the other unit’s “Good” man. If compared together, your “Good” man (who may have been rated “Very Good” before the forced-ranking within your unit) should be “Very Good” compared to the other unit’s “Good”. But sadly, they are now rated the same and presumably get the same salary adjustment. That’s not fair, right?

So what’s wrong? The answer, I repeat, lies in a “….large enough population”. The Parent organisation ought to have all its employess placed in one common pool before force-ranking. You may have a super Team of 10 people who are now forced-rank to be placed in similar ranks as some other mediocre people.

Sad, but it happens too frequently.


Natural Treatment for Cancer

Dr Stallion Chan gave a talk to a full house at the Subang Jaya Buddhist Association’s main hall on 25-Aug-2006. Dr Chan made a startling and compelling case on a natural treatment for Cancer based on collagen, papaya and Vitamin B17. 

According to Dr Chan, the body has a natural defence against cancer cells if the body is healthy with a strong digestive system. The pancreatic enzyme of a healthy digestive system can control cancerous tumours and was first recorded in 1906 by embryologist Dr. John Beard who wrote that pancreatic enzyme is one of the body’s defences against cancer and would be useful as a cancer treatment. Dr Chan suggested that a healthy body with a healthy and strong digestive system would secrete the necessary pancreatic enzyme that would help inhibit the formation of cancerous cells. A cancer cell protects itself from the human immune system with a protein shell which can be dissolved by the pancreatic enzyme.

If that be so, how then can we get supplementary pancreatic enzymes if we need them? The answer to this is the remarkable papaya which has an enzyme called papain which aids the digestion of protein. Dr Chan pointed out that the beneficial effects of papaya is aready well-known amongst the indigenous peoples of the varous countries where papaya thrives; from its use as a contraceptive to its curative property for cancer.

In addition to papaya, Dr Chan also suggested that cancer could be in part caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B17, very much like scurvy is simply caused by the deficiency of Vitamin C. When purified for cancer treatment, Vitamin B17 is known as Laetrile. However, this is a banned substance in many countries including USA, UK and Malaysia because Vitamin B17 is related to cynide and is very toxic in the wrong dosage. However, Dr Chan contends that this is as close to a magic bullet for cancer as we will ever find. Laetrile is routinely administered in Mexico for the treatment of cancer. Fortunately, Vitamin B17 can be found naturally in many fruit seeds especially apricot seeds. 

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The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History

This article may change your life; read it and see!

The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History  

by Dr. Joe Vitale

money moneyIf you want money, you only have to do one thing.  

It’s the one thing some of the wealthiest people on the planet have done and are doing.

It’s the one thing written about in various ancient cultures and still promoted today.

It’s the one thing that will bring money to anyone who does it but at the same time most people will fear doing it.

What is that one thing?

John D. Rockefeller did it since he was a child. He became a billionaire.

Andrew Carnegie did it, too. He became a tycoon.

What is the greatest money-making secret in history?

What is the one thing that works for everyone?

Give money away.

That’s right. Give it away.

Give it to people who help you stay in touch with your inner world.

Give it to people who inspire you, serve you, heal you, love you.

Give it to people without expecting them to return it, but give it knowing it will come back to you multiplied from some source.

In 1924 John D. Rockefeller wrote to his son and explained his practice of giving away money. He wrote, “…in the beginning of getting money, away back in my childhood, I began giving it away, and continued increasing the gifts as the income increased…”

Did you notice what he said? He gave away more money as he received more income. He gave away $550 million dollars in his lifetime.

P.T. Barnum gave money away, too. As I wrote in my book on him, “There’s A Customer Born Every Minute,” Barnum believed in what he called a “profitable philanthropy.” He knew giving would lead to receiving. He, too, became one of the world’s richest men.

Andrew Carnegie gave enormously, too. While some might argue that these early tycoons had the money to give, so it was easy for them, I would argue that they got the money in part because they were willing to freely give. The giving led to the receiving. The giving led to more wealth.

Today it’s fashionable for businesses to give money to worthy causes. It makes them look good and of course it helps those who receive it. Anita Roddick’s Body Shop stores, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield’s ice cream, and Yvon Chouinard’s Patagonia, are living examples of how giving can be good for business.

But what I’m talking about here is individual giving. I’m talking about you giving money so you will receive more money.

If there’s one thing I think people do wrong when they practice giving, is they give too little. They hold on to their money and let it trickle out when it comes to giving. And that’s why they aren’t receiving. You have to give, and give a lot, to be in the flow of life to receive.

I remember when I first heard about the idea of giving. I thought it was a scheme to get me to give money to the people who were telling me to do the giving.

If I did give, it was like a miser. Naturally, what I got in return was equivalent to what I gave. I gave little. I got little.

But then one day I decided to test the theory of giving.

I love inspiring stories. I read them, listen to them, share them, and tell them. I decided to thank Mike Dooley of for the inspiring messages he shares with me and others every day by email.

I decided to give him some money. In the past I would have given him maybe five dollars. But that’s when I came from scarcity and feared the giving principle wouldn’t work. This time would be different. I took out my check book and wrote a check for one thousand dollars.

Mike was stunned. He got my check in the mail and nearly drove off the road as he headed home. He couldn’t believe it.

I loved making him so happy. I delighted in giving the money to him. Whatever he did with it was fine with me. What I got was an incredible feeling of helping someone continue doing what I believed in. It was an inner rush to help him. I still rejoice at sending him the money.

And then something wonderful began to happen.

I suddenly got a call from a person who wanted me to co-author his book, a job that ended up paying me many times over what I given away.

And then a publisher in Japan contacted me, wanting to buy the translation rights to my best-selling book, “Spiritual Marketing.” They, too, offered me many times what I had given my friend as a gift.

A true skeptic can say these events are unrelated. Maybe in the skeptic’s mind, they aren’t. In mine, they are.

When I gave money to Mike, I sent a message to myself and to the world that I was prosperous and in the flow. I also set up a magnetic principle that attracted money to me: As you give, so you will get.

Give time and you’ll get time.

Give products and you’ll get products.

Give love and you’ll get love.

Give money and you’ll get money.

This one tip alone can transform your finances. Think of the person or persons who have inspired you over the last week. Who made you feel good about yourself, your life, your dreams, or your goals?

Give that person some money. Give them something from your heart. Don’t be stingy. Come from abundance, not scarcity. Give without expecting return from that person, but do expect return. As you do, you will see your own prosperity grow.

Try it and see.


Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many books to list here. His latest title is “The Attractor Factor: 5 Easy Steps for Creating Wealth (or anything else) From the Inside Out.” Register for his monthly complimentary ezine at

His Executive Mentoring Program is described at


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What Promo? What a Shame! (2)

Recall that in “What Promo? What a Shame! (1)” I told you that I can vouch for the fact that sales promo contests are indeed real, or at least those that I have personally taken part in and won. Well, here’s the next story where I won a prize; 3rd prize to be exact.

I received a SMS informing me that I had won the 3rd prize in a contest. I duly phoned back and received the instructions on the day and time to collect my prize from the Store. You bet I was elated and looked forward to the appointment for the collection of the prize.

Come the day and there I was at the Store entrance to meet the staff who was supposed to give me the prize. I half-expected some sort of simple reception and maybe a photograph to be taken for the Store’s promotional use. With such a crowd at the Store, I thought that Management would take the opportunity to hand me the prize in full view of the shopping crowd so that people will know that the contest was real (don’t we all have doubts?). Instead, a staff approached me and after introduicng himself, he asked me to follow him to the Store’s office to collect the prize. Hmm…that was a bit disappointing, but never mind, let’s go get the prize!

The staff mumbeld a soft apologetic comment that we had to walk through the basement carpark to get to the Office. Oh never mind, let’s go! We walked quite a distance all across the basement carpark to the opposite end and then walked up four flights of stairs to the office! No-one else was there. No photographer. No happy greeting nor congratulations from any other staff or management. Sign here in a register to indicate that you have collected your prize (I saw that the first two prize winners had also signed in the register) and here you are…a carton with a number of items inside to make up the 3rd prize. And of course, I had to carry the carton down the four flights of stairs to put the prize in my car.

So here are the Management questions:

1. Why bother having a Sales Promo if you don’t capitalise on it to excite all the other shoppers to show them that the contest is real and here’s a real-life winner to prove it?

2. Why turn a happy occassion for a lucky winner into a dull, uneventful and inconvenient exercise?

3. Hey…where is the Marketeer or Store Manager?

The Management Learning Experience…..don’t let your Sales Promo end without any mileage and oomph!

Ever experienced a similar situation? Tell us about it!

Better Than Red Wine


Comes in red,yellow,orange, green and brown
Vitamin A,C,E,B1,B2,B3,B5,B6, Iron,Molybdenum,
Potassium,Manganese,Dietary Fiber, Chromium,
most important Lycopene.
1. Antioxidant Protection.
2. Anti-Cancer benefits of Lycopene-
    Prostate cancer,Colorectal cancer, Pancreatic
    cancer, Breast cancer, Liver cancer.
3.Tomato Juice-A natural Anti-Inflammatory.
4.Reduction in Heart Disease Risk.
5.Tomato juices reduces blood-clotting tendencies.
6.Helps against Colon cancer,diabetes and migraines.
“Tomatoes are second only to the potato in
terms of the vegetable consumed in the world.”
Complied By Dr Radha Krishna.

How To Change Photo In Your Skype Profile

How to change your photo In your Skype Profile?

That should be obvious enough, right? But I’ve learnt that sometimes the best tip is also the simplest one.

Over the weekend, my sister complained to me that after upgrading her Skpe from version 5.xxxx to version 6.xxxxx, she suddenly cannot change her photo in the profile anymore.

What she meant was that in the Skype profile, when she browsed her computer for the replacement photo and clicked to use the new photo, ……nothing happened. The new photo just refused to get uploaded by Skype.

A quick check with various online forums showed that she was not alone with this peculiar problem. Various people complained that this only happened after upgrading their Skype from version 5.xxxx to 6.xxxx. Someone claimed that the problem diasappeared after he/she reverted to the older version. The Skype support page did not help either…it says that Skype will automatically resize your photo to fit. Well,yes and no.

I took a quick look at my sister’s collection of photos in her PC and discovered that they were all massively large photos of zillion pixels. And that will probably be true of most digital camera enthusiasts…just snap and save in the highest resolution. It turns out that Skype just cannot swallow too large a picture; it will choke.

I saw that she didn’t have any photo editor on her PC. So the first step was to download and install the free for her.

Next, I just cropped her picture to a square to highlight her closeup profile, I chose resolution 96 pixels/inch, and cropped to  about 400p x 400p. Went to Skype profile page and tried again to change her photo. Browsed the PC to pick this cropped photo, and viola! It worked! 

So the simple tip is: crop your photo to an acceptable size that Skype can accept….then it will resize to the 97×97 profile image. I do not crop to 97 x 97 because that would be too blurry. 

A simple tip that may help someone.